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The Mad Scientist Dab Rig is specially designed to help the most brilliant of minds relax with some high potency THC concentrates. At 7” tall, this rig is perfect for dabbing and studying the complexities of chaos theory. This bong includes a special diffusing chamber for dispersing smoky wisps you’ll create while inhaling your favorite dabs or dry herbs through the device.

The Specs

  • The glass bong stands at 7”  with a 14mm female joint and includes a Matrix perc that peculates and spreads out the smoke for superior cooling.
  • Colored glass mouth piece with flared lip for an airtight bong hit
  • Circular heavy bottom colored glass base for added stability
  • A 14mm male quartz banger for wax and concentrates.
  • Small ash catcher a the base of joint
  • A bonus 14mm male glass bowl comes in handy for smoking good ole dry herb.

The Story

Once upon a time, a chemist with a tormented mind was doing all the cliché things you would expect from a mad scientist. Then one day, he got a tummy ache. It reoccurred for days on end, causing him great pain and concern. Knowing his days were numbered, he ventured into town to visit his lawyer and doctor. After drafting his will, he went to the doctor. It was there he discovered the trust of his condition: lactose intolerance! So he spent the remainder of his days mostly avoiding dairy products. The end.

Why you should get it

Any time you can find an excuse to use the phrase, “It’s for science!” you should. This piece helps with that.

What happens if you don’t

You develop a horrible nut allergy. Someone you’ve liked for a long time will be eating a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. They’ll want to give you a smooch. You’ll either have to decline or die a horrible death from anaphylactic shock.