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Orange Lego Silicone Wax Container

Orange Lego Silicone Wax Container

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The Orange Lego Wax Container is a fun spin on one the best toys from everyone’s childhood where the nostalgic look reminds of a simpler time when days were occupied building spaceships and castles. This container features seven small slots to store modest amounts of various concentrates.

The Good

The best part about Legos is the fact that you never have to stop playing with them. Sure, you might look strange in a toy aisle without child, but the possibility of fun certainly outweighs the awkwardness. Of course, you have option to make your very own child then purchase them Legos without the weirdness of going into toy aisles all alone. Keep in mind, you’ll need to start saving now as children, Legos, and the expenses from a split with the other parent can ruin your finances and take a toll on your mental health. Fortunately, this piece is both inexpensive and functional as a wax storage container which is ideal for those who don’t want kids but wouldn’t mind having some Legos in the house.

The Bad

Going out to buy a set of Legos, realizing the price tag on most sets of Legos, then feeling awful about how much your parents spent on your collection throughout your childhood.

The Ugly

When your kids leave their Legos on the floor and you step on one first thing in the morning while en route to the coffee maker.

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Orange Lego Silicone Wax Container

Yellow eye-catching petite silicone wax container storage accessory with a special Lego look with seven small slots
Use code 710TIME for 17% OFF COUPON COPIED