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Lego Block Silicone Wax Container

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The Lego Block Wax Silicone Container is a small storage utensil, capable of holding up to a couple grams of wax, depending on its density. The silicone material used for this and other containers prevents concentrates from sticking to the surface while providing seal to keep dabs fresh.

The Good

Early on, most Lego sets were mostly comprised of simple blocks, as emulated by the design of this container. Lego began gaining popularity through the 1960s, as distribution increased in America and,in the late 1970s, the product took off with the introduction of the Lego people, which skyrocketed it’s popularity. Over time, pieces began to take on increasingly special designs, serving a specific purpose in the construction of a set’s intended arrangement. Funny enough, they still cause an obnoxious amount of pain when stepped on with bare feet. One unintended benefit of this container is that if you happen leave it on the floor, it won’t hurt if you step on it.

The Bad

Telling your kids to pick up their toys and stepping on them when you come into their room in the middle of the night to console a nightmare-stricken toddler.

The Ugly

 The additional tears when your child realizes you Godzilla’d one of their creations.