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Jawbreaker Bong - 6in

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With delicate candy rainbow swirls around the middle 🍭, this fat little Jawbreaker Bong is a piece of nostalgia any 80s or 90s kid or fan of Ed Edd ‘n’ Eddy can enjoy. Pack the bowl with something sweet and contemplate how much better this is for your teeth than a real Jawbreaker is 🤓

🍬 TABLE STABLE - Beaker-Style Base Holds More Water for Filtration ⚗️
🍬 KEEP IT CLEAN - Built-In Ash Catcher 
🍬 OLD SCHOOL STYLE - Unique Retro Design
🍬 NO SPLASH - Bent Neck for Less Splashback 🦕
🍬 SMALL BONG - 6 Inches Tall
🍬 STURDY - 2mm Thick Glass
🍬 HIGH QUALITY - Scientific Heat-Stable Borosilicate Glass
🍬 EASY CLEANING - Removable Downstem
🍬 14mm joint size (Female)

Removable downstems are good for a few reasons; if they become chipped or broken 💔, you can easily, cheaply replace them of our other downstems without the need to replace the entire bong. They also let you clean the bowl out fully, allowing your Jawbreaker Bong to retain its sweet magnificence and keep it looking just like the day you bought it. Perfect for smokers with a sweet tooth. 🦷

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