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Inline Perc Bong - 11in

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If anyone has ever told you to step back in line, whip out this baby and say, "Sure thing, man!" This percolator bong is a straightforward cylinder style bong with the added perk of a perc. The built-in downstem means fewer loose pieces to worry about, and ends in a black inline percolator which generates streams of bubbles to filter, cool, and diffuse your smoke into beautifully pillowy soft hits. 

🎙️ PERCOLATOR BONG - Smoother, Better Hits

🎙️ ANGLED MOUTHPIECE - Prevents Splashback 

🎙️ BUILT-IN DOWNSTEM - Fewer Loose Parts 

🎙️ CYLINDER BONG - Big Fat Rips

🎙️ PASS-AROUND-ABLE - 11" Height & 1.25lb Weight 

This simple yet effective perc bong is ideal since it offers extra filtration power without being harder to clean than a regular bong. The angled mouthpiece protects you from bongwater splashback, and the wide base keeps this piece stable on your table.

Step out of line a little... buy the Inline Perc Bong now!