Infinity Glass Pipe - 4.5"

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Material: Glass
Length: 4.5"
Style: Hand Pipe

The Infinity Glass Pipe measures at 4.5” in length, with a twisting design through the handle, alluding the iconic infinity symbol. Through the piece, streaks of color are striped across different areas, adding a bit of color to this emblem of forever.

The Good

The idea of “forever” is either endearing or haunting, depending on the context. Truly, the whole idea behind infinity and different interpretations is riddled with paradoxes among different mathematic philosophies. Here, we see infinity in the context of marijuana and I think we can all agreed that limitless weed would pretty much rule. While it would satisfy some for personal use others would see this as an entrepreneurial opportunity. Despite the design of this neat piece, each bowl you pack is finite so you’ll either need to continue buying herb or figure out how to grow it yourself.

The Bad

In theory, you could apply an infinite limit to function of smoking and conclude that each bowl is actually endless.

The Ugly

Practically speaking, you can’t apply a limit with an infinite index to a consumable product, meaning you’re going to need to continually buy more weed.