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Hydro Quartz Nectar Collector

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High-quality quartz nectar collector with dish. One-handed dabbing.

The Hydro Quartz Nectar Collector is complete set of slick pieces you need for dabbing your concentrates. It includes all the things you need to make a complete, specialized rig for smoking concentrates. We call it “Quartz” because, well, that's the material used in the tip's construction – plus, it holds the essence of life, hence the “Hydro” portion. Clever, right?

What you get

  • Glass Straw - Holds water, so long as you don’t tip it in a weird way, and also diffuses the smoke
  • Glass Mouth Piece - Lengthy glass part you put your lips on with a frosted connector
  • Titanium and Quartz Tips - Use these for collecting and heating your favorite concentrate
  • Glass Dish - This bit is used to hold your favorite sticky concentrates
  • Blue Keck Clip - This keeps your Nectar Collector connections from falling apart

Why you should get it

At a certain point, collecting all the different kinds of smoking pieces becomes an obsession.

What will happen if you don’t

That weird anxiety you experience when something is out of place will manifest at the worst possible time, you’ll laugh awkwardly at something that isn’t funny, and everyone will look at you in silent judgement.