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Honeycomb Straight Shooter - 14in

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Straight-tube style glass bong with honeycomb percolator.

Dilemma: You love those intensely direct hits you get from big straight shooter bongs, but your throat doesn't. Solution: A big ol' classic straight shooter with a honeycomb perc! Honeycomb percs are well-known as one of the most effective styles because they have so many holes to generate a massive flurry of bubbles that filter and cool smoke for featherlight hits. This straight shooter also has an ice catcher, so you can load the long chamber neck up with ice for the most comfortable hits you've ever had from a straight tube style bong.

🍯 HONEYCOMB PERC - The Best Kind

🍯 STRAIGHT SHOOTER BONG - Super Direct, Easy Pull

🍯 ICE CATCHER - Fresh, Cool Hits

🍯 PERCOLATED DOWNSTEM - Extra Filtration

🍯 STURDY BASE - Stable on your Table

🍯 BIG BONG THEORY - Get Massive Rips

The Honeycomb Straight Shooter has a removable percolated downstem for extra filtration, and comes with a male bowl. The wide base is stable on most flat surfaces, which will help keep this piece from tipping over.

For bong rips as sweet as honey, add the Honeycomb Straight Shooter to your cart!