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Honeycomb Beaker Bong - 16in

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Huge beaker style bong with honeycomb percolator and ice-catcher.

Who doesn't love a bit of sweetness in a bong? The Honeycomb Beaker Bong is a percolator bong that brings together all the things you love about smoking. First of all, this big ol' beaker has that chuggy, bubbly effect you know and love that builds up massive hits inside of the flared chamber and lets you control the airflow. But if you enjoy big beaker hits but don't enjoy coughing, this bong is perfect for you. The honeycomb perc and percolated downstem work together to generate hundreds of tiny bubbles that diffuse and filter smoke for you. 

🍯 BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - Percolated Beaker Bong

🍯 DIFFUSION POWERS - Honeycomb Perc & Percolated Downstem

🍯 BIG FAT HITS - Huge Beaker Style Bong

🍯 KEEP IT FREEZY - Built-In Ice Catcher

🍯 SWEET AS HONEY - Fresh, Smooth Hits Every Time

This bong has a male joint with a bowl included, but you can easily swap out your own favorite bowl to use with it. There's also an ice catcher to help you cool down your hits for fresh, filtered, excellent rips.

Want a smoking experience as sweet as honey? Buy the Honeycomb Beaker Bong now.