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Honey Puff $100 King Cones - 3 Pack

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Pre-rolled, easy to pack cones with $100 bill print, & storage.

In a rich man's world, there's no bigger statement than burning up those Benjamin Franklins. These cones look almost like a $100 bill that you just so happened to decide to use as a rolling paper. They come pre-rolled and packed into individual containers which makes it incredibly easy and quick to pack these cones up with herb and get smoking right away. You'll definitely want to snap a pic of you smoking out of the Honey Puff $100 King Cones to get a laugh from your instagram followers.

💸 HILARIOUS DESIGN - Smoke Up Those Benjamins

💸 EASY TO PACK - Pre-rolled For Ultimate Convenience

💸 CONVENIENT CASE - Small Container for Each Cone

💸 SMOKE LIKE A RICH KID - For only $4.20

With the Honey Puff $100 King Cones, you don't have to be a rich kid to smoke like one. Get ready to grind, pack, and go for a joint smoking experience that feels like $100 but only costs you $4.20.

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