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Hologram Voodoo Skull Metal Grinder - 3 Parts

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The Hologram Voodoo Skull Metal Grinder is 50mm in diameter and comes with three parts for a total of two chambers. As you spin this around to grind your herb, you’ll see the illusion of movement throughout the skull and background without the aid of psychedelics.

The Good

The herb grinder is fun thing to see on store shelves where marijuana is frowned upon by the legal community, fundamentalist church going folks, and uncool grandparents. The “for tobacco use only” or “cooking herb use only” is great for a laugh. Ever tried to grind up whole peppercorns, sprigs of fresh rosemary, or nutmeg with a weed grinder? The peppercorns won’t grind fine enough, rosemary will “sort of” shred, and nutmeg will seize the whole device. Just so you know, we fully intend you to use this to grind sweet, aromatic herb, which you’ll use to medicate or just get high.

The Bad

“What’s that in your cupholder, huh?” says Officer Lame-Pants. “Oh, that’s just the grinder I use to break apart the cinnamon sticks I use in my oatmeal, sir,” you respond.

The Ugly

The level of frustration you’ll see overcome a badge-donning official when a(n) (un)lawful search reveals a grinder with actual cinnamon inside.