Helix Steamroller - 5"

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The breakthrough helix design isn’t just for show, it actually creates a waterless vortex for bigger cooler hits from this 5” Helix Steamroller made from borosilicate glass.

🔀 VORTEX SPIN – Bigger Cooler Hits

🔀 DISCRETE – Compact Travel Piece

🔀 BUBBLE FOOT – Won’t Roll Around

🔀 3 COLORS – Black, Blue or Green Design

🔀 DURABLE – Thick and Strong



The revolutionary helix design spins your smoke into a tornado like vortex without the use of water. That’s amazing because you get bigger hits with cooler smoke or vapor, which means less harsh hits and a more enjoyable smoke.


Carry this 5” steamroller around in your pocket, purse or bag for quick and discrete hits. The unique helix design means you’ll get bigger hits than other similarly sized pipes, one-hitters or steam rollers.


Nothing’s worse than when your steamroller rolls right off the table or rolls around and spills your herb all over the place! The transparent boro glass bubble foot keep your steamroller upright and ready to use.


Most of the steamroller is transparent glass, but features the Helix USA logo in either black, blue or green lettering. Choose your favorite.


Most glass pipes this size (or one-hitters) can be pretty delicate. The cylindrical steam roller design is more durable and stronger than other similarly sized pieces.

Want discrete yet glass safe packaging? Want it delivered from the heart of 420 country? We expertly ship our items from our state of the art warehouse in sunny Los Angeles.

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