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Handheld Scorch Torch

Handheld Scorch Torch

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Butane torch lighter

While everyone has purchased a gas station lighter in a pinch, these lighters are often only beneficial in a wind controlled environment like your living room. With the Handheld Scorch Torch, you can rest assured that a change in the elements won’t change your plans of firing one up, no matter where you are. Windy day at the beach? You can still spark up anything, anytime. Climbers, hikers, skiers, and snowboarders can all agree this is the best butane lighter to bring anywhere.

🔥 5 Inches Tall

🔥 X-Series Lux Torch

🔥 Ergonomic Design

🔥 Various Color Options

🔥 Windproof

Torch lighters reign supreme when compared to those with a soft flame because they can burn at a higher temperature, are windproof and provide a constant, even burn. These ergonomically designed butane torch lighters won’t cramp your hand, or your style, and are available in a wide variety of colors.

Get the Handheld Scorch Torch and never fight to light again!

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Handheld Scorch Torch

Handheld Scorch Torch lighter smoking accessory innovative design discreet shaving machine look
Handheld Scorch Torch Red
Handheld Scorch Torch Purple
Handheld Scorch Torch Blue
Handheld Scorch Torch Orange
Handheld Scorch Torch
Use code OCT23 and take 10% OFF COUPON COPIED