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Green Goblin Bong - 6in

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Get ready to start goblin up the smoke from this bong! Inspired by an iconic comic book supervillain, the Green Goblin Bong is an incredibly portable way to smoke anywhere. At only 6" tall and 5.5oz in weight, it is easy to transport in any backpack or even a larger purse. The built-in ash catcher keeps your rig clean and also ensures cleaner hits, plus you won't have to change the water quite as quickly. The angled mouthpiece acts as a splash guard, protecting your mouth from dirty bongwater. The Green Goblin Bong comes with a deep cone-shaped bowl that has a convenient and cool-looking curved slide handle.

👺 GHOUL INSPIRED - Green Accents and Warped Glass

👺 ULTRA PORTABLE - Just 6" Tall

👺 LIGHTWEIGHT - Just 5.5oz

👺 CIRC PERC - Extra Diffusion.

👺 BUILT-IN ASH CATCHER - Keeps Your Bong Cleaner

👺 ANGLED MOUTHPIECE - Splash Protection

👺 BOWL INCLUDED - With Unique Slide Handle

The beaker base of this bong is decorated with slightly warped glass, which will give your smoke a neat effect as it bubbles. The circ perc at the end of the bong's built-in percolated downstem creates extra bubbles that filter, diffuse, and cool smoke for excellent hits.

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