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Good Morning Pipe - 6in

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Unique, standing glass pipe with rooster design and large bowl.

Cock-a-doodle-doo! Wake and bake with this hilarious yet high quality novelty piece. This good morning rooster stands 6” from the top of his comb (the big red fleshy thing roosters have) to the bottom of his feet. So rise, shine, pack a bowl in this rooster’s back, and take some excellent morning hits from his tail (the mouthpiece)! This super-detailed piece is made by glass blowing experts who carefully construct the unique features and colors to bring you a work of art of your very own.

🐔 COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO – Hilarious Rooster Design

🐔TABLE STABLE - 2 Footed Pipe

🐔 HAND MADE – Unique Hand-Blown Glass

🐔 HIGH QUALITY - Heatsafe Scientific Borosilicate Glass

🐔 IMPRESSIVE - 6” Height

🐔DURABLE - 7oz Weight                   

Some top-heavy pipes, especially animal design ones don’t balance properly…but that isn’t a problem for our sure footed-rooster and his 2 feet. His green talons stick out sideways for extra stability and to prevent tipping over. Roosters help people all over the world rise and shine, and now you can enjoy a good morning pick me up with the help of your own feathery friend.

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