Good Morning Pipe - 6"

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We love sitting around with friends and showing off a cool novelty piece. This good morning rooster is one of the best wake and bake companions out there. He stands 6” from the top of his comb (the big red fleshy thing roosters have) to the bottom of his feet.

🐔 COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO – Awesome Rooster Design

🐔 2 FOOTED PIPE – Very stable

🐔 DEEP BOWL – Great for Herb

🐔 HAND MADE – Each is Unique



Roosters help people all over the world rise and shine, and now you can enjoy a good morning pick me up with the help of your own feathery friend. Awesome detailing on the entire piece for a truly artistic pipe.


Some top-heavy pipes, especially animal design ones don’t balance properly…but that isn’t a problem for our sure footed rooster and his 2 feet. His green talons stick out sideways for extra stability and to prevent tipping over.


This isn’t just an amazing decorative piece…you’re meant to enjoy every deep satisfying hit. The bowl sits on the roosters back so that it can be as deep as possible. Pack your favorite herb and start your day right!


Each Good Morning rooster is handblown by expert glassblowers. That means no two are exactly alike, so you know you’re getting an awesome one-of-a-kind piece to showoff or enjoy alone.

We care about our products and our customers…that’s why we ship everything in protective yet discrete packaging from our brand new warehouse in Los Angeles.

Enjoy the best morning wake and back ever…click add-to-cart today!