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Glass Vac Jar - 2 Pack

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2-pack of airtight glass containers, various color options.

Ever let perfectly good herb go stale in a bad container? What a waste. Don't waste your best stuff, use the Glass Vac Jar instead. The vacuum seal ensures that fresh flavor and potency you love, so that you always get just what you paid for. At only $14.20 for a set of two Glass Vac Jars, you can store multiple strains and easily bring them along with you anywhere you may want to go. This container is great for regular smokers who like to keep a few different strains around, or once-in-a-while tokers who don't want to smoke everything all at once.

🏺 SUCTION SEAL - Keeps It Fresh

🏺 PORTABLE - Grab & Go!

🏺 DOUBLE WHAMMY - Pack of 2

🏺 YOU DO YOU - Choice of 4 Colors

Want to keep your best bud fresh? Buy Glass Vac Jar today.