Glass Mania Set

The Glass Mania Set is a wild set of fantastic glass items that will help you get high as a kite. With this lovely translucent set, you get multiple awesome items including a percolating bong, a Nectar Collector, and a glass blunt. If you like to get wild while you smoke some weed, this collection of outstanding items is for you.

What you get

  • Percolating Glass Beaker (set exclusive) Standing at 8” with a 14mm joint and a shower head perc located at the neck of the piece, this bong is wonderful for dry herb or can be fitted with a banger or nail for dabbing. Comes with a downstem and an herb bowl.
  • Nectar Collector (set exclusive) This glass apparatus assembles in a momenta time for dabbing. Comes with a quartz straw, mouthpiece, quartz wax dish as well as titanium and quartz tips and keck clip.
  • Glass Blunt (set exclusive) –  3 in 1 male fitting (12mm, 14mm, 16mm) for a water pipe. Comes with a replacement glass tube, silicone cap, and cleaning brush. Makes for a nearly endless smoking extravaganza with a fascinating design that allows you to continually rotate more weed to the tip as you ash the charred bud and always be on the receiving end of a fresh green hit.

Why you should get it

This literally has everything you need for smoking at home or on the go. It’s the equivalent of a value meal at your favorite gut-wrenching fast food establishment.

What happens if you don’t

Taco Bell will go out of business and the world will be furious. It’s not always about you.