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Mania Bong - 8in

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filtered, diffused hits

This thick bodied crystalline beaker bong is made from top quality borosilicate glass and comes equipped with an enclosed percolator and three-pinch ice catcher. Located in the center of the bong, the shower head percolator features tiny slits at the bottom of the vertical tube which creates bubbles that reduce the harshness of the hits by filtering and diffusing the smoke. Featuring a one-piece slide downstem with attached bowl and a three-pinch ice catcher that allows you to add ice into the neck of the bong for a much cooler pull.

💨 Beaker Shaped Bong

💨 Showerhead Percolator

💨 3 Pinch Ice Catch

💨 Compact Size

Standing at only eight inches, this mini-ish bong packs a punch worthy of some of the heaviest hitters out there, and you would be remiss to pass up on a deal like this one. Its compact size makes it easy to store and travel if needed.

You’d be mad to pass on the Mania Bong, so add this piece to your glass collection today!