Genie Dab Rig - 12"

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Aladdin’s lamp lead to magic and high aspirations for anyone who unleashed the Genie hidden in the lamp. Now your friends and sesh mates can unleash really big dab rips with this 12” Genie Dab Rig made from durable borosilicate glass.

🧞 RECYCLER BONG – Double Smooth Hits

🧞THERMAL BANGER – More Efficient Dabbing

✨ LARGE VOLUME – Holds More Smoke or Vapor

🧞 ERGONOMIC GRIP – Easy to Handle

🧞 NO SPLASH – Built in Splash Guard



This recycler bong will pull your smoke up into the Genie chamber an recycle it back down into the main water chamber for double the filtration. That’s awesome because you get bigger, cooler and smoother hits every time.


We’ve included a high quality quartz thermal banger. Thermal bangers work better than classic nail setups because you get less spill over and can work with lower temperatures. You can use a bubble carb cap to direct airflow.


At 12 inches tall, this dab rig bong is big enough to pull really big hits. Even better, the triple Genie chambers bubble out giving a lot more room for smoke and vapor to build up compared to a straight tube style bong.


The triple Genie bubble chambers on the neck also function as an easy way to grab and handle your dab rig. Now you can more easily move it from room to room or for water fill up and cleaning. That means you’re less likely to bump or damage your precious piece.


A built-in splash guard mouth opening will protect your lips from dirty water or unwanted particulate.

Here at Everything for 420 we ship your new piece from sunny Los Angeles in sturdy yet discrete glass safe packaging to ensure safe arrival.

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