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Ganjapreneur Set

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This bundle means business! Our top of the line Ganjapreneur Set is the perfect collection of items meant to jump-start your 420 career. From bongs and bubblers to blunts and dabs, this set is guaranteed to turn you into a high-flying mogul overnight. Channel your inner Elon Musk and impress your friends with your business savvy by snagging this $90 bundle for just $54.20.

Bundle Includes:

💰Innovative Glass Blunt: 
-Easy to fill and no rolling required! 

💰Honeycomb Bong (8”): 
-Built-in percolator and downstem!
💰Nectar Collector (10mm): 
-Easy assembly and portable - dab on the go!
💰Blizzy Bubbler (2.5”):
-Stick your blunt in this bubbler for huge rips!
💰OG Lit Hemp Wraps:
Ready to roll -100% organic and tobacco-free!

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