Dragon Fly Pipe - 6in

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In ancient mythology, dragonflies symbolize change, transformation, and awakening. In real life, dragonflies have been around for 300 million years, and used to be 2 feet long! So whether you are an aspiring etymologist or want a reminder of your spiritual growth as you smoke, the Dragon Fly Pipe is here to help you fly to new heights. Scientific borosilicate glass has been meticulously hand-blown into the intricate shape of a dragonfly, with the bowl on its belly, the mouthpiece at the end of its tail, and the carb at its side.

🐉 Unique and Detailed Dragonfly Design

✈️ Glass Hand Pipe

🐉 6 Legs for Table Display

✈️  Hand-blown Scientific Borosilicate Glass

🐉 6” Length

✈️ 3.5oz Weight

The Dragon Fly pipe can stand (bowl-down) on a flat surface on its six glass legs, so you can easily display this beautiful piece in your home - and non-smokers may not even realize it’s a pipe! When your smoker friends see it, they will all want to get a turn smoking out of the Dragon Fly Pipe. 

So if you want to impress all sorts of folks, get your hands on this pipe ASAP!