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Dr. Kush Mini Bong - 5in

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Portable glass bong with percolated downstem and inline percolator.

It’s a well-known fact that fat, smooth af bong rips are usually the best medicine. This bong’s design features a hilarious cartoon prescription bottle on one side, and a triptastic portrait of Dr. Kush himself on the other side. This mini glass bong is extremely portable at 5” tall and 3.5oz, so you can fit it in almost any purse, backpack, or travel bag, plus the percolated downstem is built-in so there are fewer pieces to accidentally leave behind.

🏥 COMIC DESIGN - Funky Cartoons on Transparent Glass

🏥 HIGH QUALITY - Heat-safe Scientific Borosilicate Glass

🏥 DIFFUSED RIPS - Built-in Percolated Downstem


🏥 PORTABLE - 5” Tall


🏥 Female joint with bowl included

The inverse-beaker base helps smoke accumulate for bigger hits, while the inline perc on the downstem helps filter and diffuse for a smoother experience. So if a tiny yet highly effective bong is just what the doctor ordered, the Dr. Kush Bong will help make sure you can bring that remedy with you anywhere, anytime.

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