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Full shot of 6-inch clear glass bong with donut perc green accent and green mouthpiece on left banger on right

Percolating Donut Dab Rig - 6in

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Smooth, percolated hits

Mmm...donuts. Not only do they make a delicious treat, they also make for a deliciously smooth smoking experience. At just 6 inches tall, this small rig can pack a big pulmonary punch. These circular percolators have a hole which further filters the smoke while simultaneously preventing water from making its way up to the mouthpiece. Made from heat stable, borosilicate glass with a green accented mouthpiece and percolator, this rig can handle the heat, if you can handle the hits.

🍩 Donut Percolator

🍩 6 Inches Tall

🍩 No Splashback

🍩 Heat Stable, Borosilicate Glass

🍩 Green Accented Mouthpiece And Perc

🍩 Concentrate & Flower Compatible

Equipped with a fixed downstem and removable quartz banger nail, you can easily turn this dab rig into a bong anytime by swapping out the nail for a bowl of the same size. Et voila! From concentrate to flower with the simple switch of an accessory.

Enjoy the smooth, powerful hits only the Percolating Donut Dab Rig can deliver and get yours today.

Use code NOV22 and take 15% OFF COUPON COPIED
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