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DAVINCI IQ2 Regular Mouthpiece

DAVINCI IQ2 Regular Mouthpiece

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Upgrade your hits with an extended mouthpiece

😊 DAVINCI IQ2 vaporizer mouthpiece

😊 Made of zirconium ceramic

😊 New and improved Davinci IQ

😊 10x stronger than glass!

😊 Larger holes in design to further cool draws

Use code NOV22 and take 15% OFF COUPON COPIED
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Have you ever seen something like the Davinci IQ2 Regular Mouthpiece? It is definitely the talk of the town in the cannabis community, and for good reason. A new and improved design of the original Davinci IQ, this vape mouthpiece is made to be WAY stronger than glass. Made of zirconium ceramic you'll get a fully filtered experience without having to do any extra work. With bigger holes in the mouthpiece design to further cool each draw, you’ll be experiencing nothing but extremely flavored hits and a gradual high to keep the good vibes rolling. Upgrade your setup with one easy purchase, if only the rest of life were this easy!


Brand - DaVinci

Material - Zirconium ceramic

Style - Replacement Part

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