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Color Changing Hammer - 4.5in

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cool, filtered hits

Looking for a personal-sized piece with the filtration benefits of larger water-based pieces? At 4 and a half inches long, this bubbler will certainly fit the bill. Hand blown from top quality clear glass with swirls of yellow ribbons delicately wrapped around the stem, bowl, and chamber. This piece is also color changing! The more you use it, the more its colors will transform before your eyes. Designed in the highly popular hammer shape, this bubbler is favored for its stability on flat surfaces. Preventing your piece from getting easily knocked over, or your flower from spilling out.

🔨 Color Changing

🔨 4.5 Inches Long

🔨 Hammer Bubbler

🔨 Cool, Filtered Hits

🔨 Stable On Flat Surfaces

Equipped with a deep bowl, carb, and bulbous water-filled chamber, this bubbler will cool your smoke, while simultaneously filtering your hit of unwanted ash and debris. The result? Effortless, silky smooth hits that won’t end in you coughing up a lung. This ever-changing bubbler features the best qualities of its larger, water based relatives, with the portability of traditional hand pipes.

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