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Soda Stash Can

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The Cola Stash Can is fun storage container for items you’d like to hide in plain sight. The shape, size, and design, resembles a can of one of the most iconic sodas on Earth. The inside can store whatever you please.

The Good

Real Coca Cola has the ability to accomplish a variety of amazing feats. You can use it to clean oil stains off your driveway. It can give you diabetes in high doses. It also tends to be one of those little things that disappear out of your refrigerator when you have roommates. Though roommates help split the bills, they tend siphon your snacks, beverages, and may go so far as to take “just a little” of your weed. This container can comfortably hold a quad of flowery bud or a ridiculous amount of concentrate. If it’s just sitting in your room on a shelf, it’s assumed to be warm, so no one will touch it.

The Bad

One of the weirdos who lives with you doesn’t mind warm beverages and needs a sugar fix.

The Ugly

Your mom picks this up but notices something is off after not feeling liquid slosh around. After some investigation, she gets it open, finds your stash, and steals your weed.