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Clear Plastic Herb Grinder - 70mm

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Easy-to-use, two piece plastic grinder. Portable and lightweight.

The Clear Plastic Herb Grinder is a simple 70mm two-piece device for breaking apart your herb. Each side features interlocking pegs that effectively break apart herb when either piece is rotated. The small profile and lightweight plastic makes it more portable than most metal grinders.

The Good

Shortly after World War II, plastic came into application for a wide array of products. By utilizing plant cellulose and oil (or other petroleum products), it became a cost effective solution for virtually everything, replacing glass and metal for decades. As chemistry’s crazy older uncle, alchemy, tells us, there’s always a trade-off. Plastic is useful and cheap, but it’s also created a lot of environmental problems stemming from improper disposal and the sometimes-toxic methods used to either refine or recycle the material. This piece will help you grind up herb and hopefully serve as a reminder to reduce, reuse, and recycle items whenever possible.

The Bad

Seeing a recycling container and trashcan side by side and noticing an empty water bottle with the trash.

The Ugly

Seeing receptacles placed around town and noticing discarded items strewn about.

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