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Recycling Chalice Dab Rig - 6in

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smooth, potent hits

Recycling isn’t just good for the planet, it also works wonders when applied to the art of dabbing. This compact dab rig measures in at just 6 inches tall, but don’t let its size fool you. Enjoy the show as your smoke travels through the downstem, into the water filled chamber, and is recycled through the various connected tubes.

🔄 6 Inches Tall

🔄 Diffused Downstem

🔄 Full-Flavored Hits

🔄 Removable Quartz Banger Nail

🔄 3 Color Options

If you’re looking to enjoy a full-flavored hit without the harshness commonly associated with bongs and rigs, the Recycling Chalice Dab Rig will not disappoint. The quartz banger is removable, allowing you to interchange the nail with a bowl when you’re in the mood to use flower instead of oil.

Enjoy the potent, full-flavored hits only the Recycling Chalice Dab Rig can deliver and grab yours today.