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Ceramic RnM Bong - 7.5in

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Contemplate multiverse theory while enjoying a smoke right out of the head of your favorite inter-dimensional grandfather-grandson traveling team. R and M in bong form, surely an essential for any hardcore fan. Like an action figure, but infinitely cooler and more useful. Speaking of cool, the high quality ceramic material of this bong is a low heat conductor, which helps you get cooler, fresher hits out of it. Sounds like a win-win situation.

🥒  HILARIOUS DESIGN - Perfect for any R&M Fan!

🧪 HIGH QUALITY - Made from High Quality Ceramic

🥒 EASY CLEANING - Removable Downstem

🧪 SMALL BONG - 7.5 inches tall

🥒 14mm female joint with bowl included

It’s common knowledge that for most of their fan base, R and M goes hand in hand with smoking. Browse a certain popular pro-smoking forum and you’ll find spirited debates about which strain is the best to smoke while watching. This novel bong features a crouching R that serves as the base, allowing the smoker to inhale through a mouthpiece which also serves as Morty’s skull.

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