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Breaking Dabs Dab Tool

Breaking Dabs Dab Tool

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The Breaking Dabs Dab Tool is a in ideal part of a dabbing collection for anyone who appreciates the great storytelling behind Breaking Bad. The top is adorned with the iconic RV used by Walter and Jesse, and also featuring Jesse’s favorite expression. Two points on the stainless-steel handle include ergonomic grips, as well as a sharp end for parsing out concentrate.

The Good

Breaking Bad takes a colloquialism used in the American Southwest and steps it up a notch. When some of think of “causing a ruckus,” “getting wild,” or “raising Hell,” it’s typically not as dark as the plot of this legendary series. For some, this means catching a buzz on some American domestic lagers and riding an ATV through the mud. For others, it simply means going into public and interacting with a cashier. This tool helps you take it easy by assisting with your dabbing efforts as all you’ll need to worry about is breaking up your dabs.

The Bad

When you started the series, you hoped Walter would develop more inline with Nancy from Weeds.

The Ugly

There isn’t a chemical element abbreviated “Da.”

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Breaking Dabs Dab Tool

Stainless steel dab tool textured middle part for easy grip with a funny Breaking Bad-inspired bus design on the handle