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Bong Aid Banger Cleaner

Bong Aid Banger Cleaner

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Perfect for the daily dabber

💧 Bong Aid Banger Cleaner

💧 One ingredient cleaner - Isopropyl alcohol

💧 1 oz cleaning solution

💧 Completely cleans bangers


Bong Aid Banger Cleaner is a Dabbers best friend! This 99% high quality Isopropyl Alcohol, contaminant and diluent free cleaning solution will have you dabbing in no time. Simply add a few drops directly into your glass banger while warm, wait for the solution to bubble, and wipe clean with a Q-Tip. That's it! The solution works by breaking down gunk and burnt on ash that forms after too many dab sessions, making it easier and faster to clean up. Use the Bong Aid Banger Cleaner if you want a squeaky clean banger that's ready to dab another day!


Brand - Bong Aid

Weight - 1oz

Style - Cleaner

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Bong Aid Banger Cleaner

Bong Aid Banger Cleaner