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Blunts and Beyond Bundle

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Get your Buzz Lightyear on with the Blunts and Beyond Bundle. This set will put you in another galaxy at the speed of light, so throw on your spacesuit and get ready for the ride of your life. With this kit you get to experiment with three out of this world ways to smoke your blunts: you can fill up the Glass Blunt with herb, stick your blunt in the Blizzy Bubbler, or roll up a wrap. Both the Lit Hemp and the High Hemp wraps are 100% organic and tobacco-free, plus we throw in some RAW Cone Papers as an added bonus. We know interstellar travel can get busy, so this bundle includes a stylish magnetic grinder to save you time and Dr. Zodiak MoonRocks Rolling Tray in case of turbulence.

 Bundle Includes:

🌠Glass Blunt
Easy to fill and no rolling required! 
🌠Blizzy Bubbler (2.5")
Stick your blunt in this bubbler for huge rips!
🌠Blue Herb Grinder
Portable and magnetic 70mm two-piece grinder
🌠High Hemp Organic Wraps
100% Organic and tobacco-free with filter tips
🌠Lit Hemp Wraps
Ready to roll: 100% organic and tobacco-free!
🌠RAW Cone Papers
Pre-rolled hemp cones ready to be filled
🌠Dr. Zodiak MoonRocks Rolling Tray
Roll up with ease on this intergalactic tray!

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