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Blizzy Bubbler - 2.5in

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Portable bubbler for joints and blunts. Mini-size, massive hits.

Ready for a revolutionary new way to smoke? Trade your bleezy for the Blizzy. Fill this little guy up with a bit of water, stick your blunt (or joint) in one end, and inhale from the other. Get ready for a blizzard of smoke to turn your bubbler into a cloudy crystal ball. Your future is looking smooth thanks to the water which provides extra filtration and cools down the smoke. At just 2.5”, the Blizzy Bubbler is extra portable and can take a regular blunt to the next level.

💨REVOLUTIONARY - A whole new way to smoke

💨PORTABLE (2.5”) - Bring it with you anywhere

💨VERSATILE - Can be used with blunts or joints

💨BIG RIPS - Let the bubbler milk up for massive hits

💨FLAT BASE - Extra sturdy and stable

Make like a bubble and pop the Blizzy Bubbler in your cart today!