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Around The World Recycler - 7.5in

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One-of-a-kind recycling glass dab rig with percolated downstem.

This world class dab rig is so well-rounded, it could even bring the Flat Earthers full circle. Besides, we all know recycling is good for the globe, so get green and watch your water and vapors recycle through the globe-shaped first chamber, up through multiple intake tubes into the colorful second chamber, down through the drip tube, and repeat. Not only will this recycling process look awesome as you watch water and vapors swirl through like a mini-atmosphere, it also lets you experience great-tasting, fresh, cool, and long lasting hits.

🌎Geometric blue and clear glass design

🌎Built-in percolated downstem

🌎External recycler dab rig

🌎Percolated downstem

🌎7.5” height

🌎13.5oz weight

🌎 Heat stable scientific glass

🌎Female joint with quartz banger

So if you like your hits round and fresh, not flat and stale, the The Around the World Recycler here to make your head spin. Get ready to reduce, reuse, and recycle, and keep it green, always.