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All Seeing Bong - 12in

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Do you believe in the power of the all-seeing eye? This 12” bong features the all seeing eye of providence in classy black and white colored borosilicate glass.

👁️ BLACK & WHITE – Unparalleled Popularity

👁️ LARGE VOLUME – Really Big Hits

👁️ EXTRA THICK – Strong & Sturdy

👁️ NO SPLASH – Built in Splash Guard



This unique bong features a striking black and white colored glass color palette. The main water chamber is shaped like the all-seeing eye to watch over your smoke sesh and keep youyou’re your friends safe.


At 12 inches tall, this bong can hold a lot of smoke or vapor. The large water chamber filters and sends smoke up into the long black neck where it cools down before inhalation. For such a classic piece, this bong really packs a punch.


4mm thick glass is durable and sturdy enough that your bong will be protected from minor bumps or jostling. You still need to protect your bong around clumsy friends or pets, but at 4mm thick this is a very sturdy piece of glass.


A built-in splash guard mouth opening will protect your lips from dirty water or unwanted particulate. There is also a splash guard just above the water chamber for extra protection.

Here at Everything for 420 we ship your new piece from sunny Los Angeles in sturdy yet discrete glass safe packaging to ensure safe arrival.

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