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Air Balloon Carb Cap

Air Balloon Carb Cap

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Arrive by: Saturday, Jun 01 - Thursday, Jun 06
Fastest delivery: Friday, May 31

Floating Balloon Carb Cap

🎈 Compatible with Dab Rig bangers

🎈 Air intake hole

🎈 Chosen at random

🎈 Translucent Black, Yellow, White, and Green

🎈 Hole creates suction in chamber

🎈 Balloon style carb cap


The Balloon Carb Cap has everything you'll need to pull some sweet dabs off your rig. The randomly picked carb cap has a middle aligned hole, which allows more suction in your chamber and also creates a better filtered dab. Carb Caps can increase air pressure causing a vacuuming effect in the nail, the vaporizing point changes to a lower temperature, which allows the dabber to hit some more flavorful dabs. Don't get burnt, get turnt with the Balloon Carb Cap, these items are picked at random creating a great surprise when the carb cap arrives!


Material - Glass

Height - 1"

Compatibility - Dab Rigs, Concentrates, Dab

Style - Air intake Carb Cap

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Air Balloon Carb Cap

Air Balloon Carb Cap