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4mm 90 Degree Female Quartz Banger

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The 90 Degree Female Quartz Banger is designed to maximize low-temp dabbing for your male accessories. It comes with 4mm glass thickness. Different opening sizes – 14mm or 18mm – are available to ensure a proper fit over your male fitting.

The Good

A quartz banger tends to be the preferred connection for those dabbing at low temps. Versus other materials, it has the highest insulation properties so though it does take longer to get hot, it retains heat longer. This is also affected by the thickness of the wall selected as the thicker the banger, the better the insulation. Glass-like materials, such as quartz, are also easier to clean. Just like real female parts, make sure to do this every so often as the flavor of the concentrates will begin to be affected.

The Bad

Some say crystals hold mysterious energies. This is definitely true when dropped, shattered then stepped on with a barefoot as you will feel this energy causing corporeal pain.

The Ugly

Trying to heal someone with this quartz piece but not having anything to dab on hand.