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4mm 45 Degree Quartz Banger - Female

4mm 45 Degree Quartz Banger - Female

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Joint size: 14mm


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Amazing heat retention for low-temp dabbing

😀 45 degree female quartz banger

😀 Made of quartz

😀 14mm or 18mm female joint

😀 4mm thickness

😀 Tasty low-temp dabs

😀 Great heat retention

😀 For use with concentrates

😀 Compatible with male dab rig fittings


This 45 Degree Female Quartz Banger is designed to maximize low-temp dabbing for your male accessories. It's made with 4mm thick walls and comes in either 14mm or 18mm female joints to ensure a proper fit over nearly any male accessory. Quartz bangers are the preferred type of nail since it is more durable than glass and can withstand dramatic variations in temperatures required for proper dabbing. Quartz bangers also have high insulation properties, so it may take longer to get hot, however it will retain that heat much longer. Some dab rig setups work better with the 45 degree angle of this banger so you can see and reach the dab nail with ease.


Material - Glass

Thickness - 4mm

Weight - 0.99 oz

Joint Size - 14mm and 18mm female

Style - Banger

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4mm 45 Degree Quartz Banger - Female

4mm 45 Degree Quartz Banger - Female 14mm
4mm 45 Degree Quartz Banger - Female 18mm