Collection: Marley Natural

Marley Natural has a deep respect for the positive potential of herb and that rings true for how they design their smoking devices.

Tribute to Bob Marley

The brand was created as a tribute to Bob Marley with the vision to create smoking accessories that are sustainably sourced, empower people and have a simple, sleek and natural aesthetic...just what Bob would have loved. They align with causes for social change, social justice and environmental sustainability, so that people can rise up and have more fulfilling futures, just as Bob had envisioned in his music and life's work.

Marley Natural Collections

They have two main lines of products featured in our online headshop: the Marley Natural Black Walnut Wood collection and the Marley Natural Smoked Glass collection. Both are made from hand-blown borosilicate glass and combine utility and design to enhance your high. Before you take a hit from one of their gorgeous bubblers, bongs or hand pipes, set the mood with Bob Marley Natural Mystic, preferably on vinyl.

  • Black Walnut Collection

    This collection includes a large natural wood water pipe (12 inches), Spoon pipe (4 inches), Taster/one-hitter (3 inches) and glass bubbler (4.5), ashtray, large wood grinder and small wood case.

  • Smoked Glass Collection

    This collection includes the smoked glass water pipe and smoked glass spoon pipe.

Best Marley Natural Smoking Devices

Marley Natural Bubbler - This hybrid water and dry pipe enrich your high through its versatility and enhanced filtration power thanks to its globe shaped percolator, so that you can enjoy delicious, full flavored hits.

Marley Natural Smoked Water Pipe -This beaker stands 13 inches tall and is made of hand-blown high quality borosilicate, so it's is as durable as they come. It features a gold stripe on the neck of the bong and lion at the sturdy base, so be sure to play Iron Lion Zion for good vibes all around. The Black Walnut Wooden Water Pipe features transparent borosilicate glass with black walnut and has a removable smoke chamber made of wood, so it's easy to keep your baby clean.

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