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If you are a health conscious cannabis consumer, hemp wraps is the most natural way to roll, so check out classic brands like the High Hemp Wraps and Juicy Hemp Wraps.

What is the difference between hemp wraps and blunt wraps?

First things first, hemp wraps are a type of blunt wrap, but a blunt wrap isn’t necessarily a hemp wrap. Blunt wraps are the general term used to describe the outer wrapper used to roll a blunt. Blunts are cannabis cigars that are traditionally made using an emptied tobacco cigar or cigarillo, however alternative blunt wraps that are 100% tobacco and nicotine free have surged in popularity over the years. As the name suggests, a hemp wrap is a blunt wrap made with dried leaves from legal hemp plants instead of tobacco leaves. Hemp wraps are empty and ready to be filled, making the process of rolling a blunt a lot easier since there’s no need to cut and remove the inside of a cigar to procure the outer wrap. Here are a few key differences between a hemp wrap and a blunt wrap:

  • Traditional blunt wraps are tobacco based, while hemp wraps are made with leaves from the hemp plant.
  • Hemp wraps do not have any nicotine.
  • Blunts rolled with a hemp wrap burn cleaner and produce smoke that is less harsh. Tobacco can overpower the cannabis flavor, so hemp wraps are also believed to be tastier.
  • Organic hemp wraps don’t have additives, adhesive, or other potentially toxic chemicals and ingredients, which tobacco products are known for.

Is a hemp wrap a tobacco product?

If you’re looking for a tobacco free alternative to roll a blunt, you’ll be excited to know that hemp wraps are 100% free of nicotine and tobacco and are instead a cannabis product made from federally legal hemp plants. A hemp wrap will not get you high since it does not have any psychoactive properties due to the naturally low Delta 9 THC levels in industrial hemp. While traditional blunts are rolled with the outside wrapper of a cigar or cigarillo, both made from dried tobacco leaves, more and more stoners prefer not to consume any tobacco products and instead stick with the green goddess. In addition to a hemp wrap, other tobacco free options include blunt wraps made from palm or mint leaves, though hemp is by far the most popular choice within the 420 community.

Is there CBD in a natural hemp wrap?

Yes! But just a little bit. Hemp plants naturally produce higher levels of CBD and are used to manufacture commercial CBD extract. Hemp leaves are molded and dried to create hemp wraps, so they will have some CBD by default, though this is a very small amount, which is not enough to have any significant effect on the smoker. If you’re looking to increase your CBD intake, try using a high CBD flower in conjunction with a hemp wrap or add a few drops of CBD distillate or other concentrate to the mix. There are also a few brands that produce rolling papers and hemp wraps that are infused with additional CBD for those wanting extra cannabinoids.

What is an organic hemp wrap?

Choosing an organic hemp wrap ensures that the dried leaves used were taken from hemp plants that have been grown without pesticides, fertilizers, or other types of potentially harmful chemicals. This usually also means that the hemp wrap does not contain preservatives, added adhesives, or any toxic ingredients. Unlike other cannabis products and smoking accessories, blunt wraps and rolling papers aren’t strictly regulated or required to be tested for harmful contaminants at all. It’s important to always purchase organic hemp wraps from reputable brands that have gone through the trouble of testing their products’ chemical makeup and safety at a third party lab. One of the most popular hemp wrap brands is High Hemp Co., which offers vegan, non-GMO, organic, and 100% tobacco free hemp wraps in a wide range of tasty flavors that are great for mixing things up. Cannabis enthusiasts often say that a blunt rolled with an organic hemp wrap has a smooth, more flavorful, clean burn compared to a normal tobacco based blunt wrap or a blunt rolled with a cigar. Cleaner smoke leads to a more pleasurable experience for those who don’t normally consume tobacco and opens the door to being able to take much bigger hits.

ORGANIC HEMP WRAPS - Additive Free Natural Rolling

What’s the difference between standard blunt wraps and hemp blunt wraps? Blunt wraps generally contain nicotine which is highly addictive and unhealthy, so many smokers are swapping out wraps for an all natural alternative: hemp. Most hemp wraps still burn smooth and slow just how you want, but without any of the toxic or artificial chemicals found in blunt wraps.


We carry the best hemp wraps available, including the world’s most popular rolling wraps and papers by Raw, which are all natural and made with no preservatives or additives. Our High Hemp Organic Wrapsare another great choice as they are additive free, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and Tobacco-Free. If you want to add a fun flavor, but are still you are looking for an all natural smoking experience, be sure to try our High Hemp Wraps, Juicy Jays Wraps or XXL Blunt hemp wraps in flavors like mango, honey, fruit punch and more.


If you are new to rolling or are just looking for a convenient way to smoke, check out our pre rolls or cones, like these Raw pre rolls. These are papers you simply fill with your favorite herb and light up in no time. If you’d prefer to try your hand at rolling first, we also have the RAW rolling machine,rolling trays, rolling papersand other rollingaccessoriesto get you started and at $4.20 each.

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