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GRAVitate towards one of the best brands in glass

If you’ve heard of the Helix then you know just what GRAV Labs is about. Based in South Austin, they keep it weird by creating some of the most innovative smoking devices in the industry. They began with their line of Helix pipes, which use their Venturi technology, virtually a chamber mouthpiece with three intake holes to spin smoke into a classic braid. If you’re ready to start spinning then you’ve got to try the GRAV Helix Steamroller, which will most definitely help you find your higher self, as the Venturi technology cools and filters smoke, while preserving your flower. This hand pipe, like their entire line of pipes, bubblers and bongs is made only of the finest borosilicate glass so it can keep up with every puff.

Jane West, another GRAV line of bubblers, steamrollers, beakers and one hitters, is just as sophisticated as she sounds. Jane West is all about curves and sharp angles in shades like cool mint, cobalt blue and cloud white. I know, she sounds dreamy, but don’t let your imagination run wild. You can see the GRAV Jane West Beaker for yourself and even take her home if ya’ fancy. Made to last, this beaker bong has a fission downstem that’s fixed inside, so you can rest assured she will survive all of your escapades.

If you haven’t tried the GRAV Octo-tasters, these will become your everyday go-to the moment you do. Octo-tasters are GRAV’s line of one-hitters that are fun, colorful and durable. Designed by Stephan Peirce these on-the-go, portable pieces are meant to be easily and discreetly stashed into your purse or bag without a second thought. Their silicone skin is shock absorbent, and the pinched mouthpiece duals as an ash catcher, I mean what more could you want?!? Well, a silicone cap that covers the bowl to keep your bud in place and glass screen for additional filtration are just the cherry on top.

The GRAV STAX pinch mouth pieces, glycerin coils, honeycomb percolators and other key products and accessories within that collection is all about maximum filtration by way of diffusion through water by a powerful vortex, sub-zero temperatures or ring of glass slits. Sounds challenging, but luckily for you, you can have your fairy-tale high ending every time with STAX.

Upline, Orbis, Arcline and the Gravitron are additional collections within the GRAV line that also use specialty scientific glassware and are uniquely designed to get the best possible high, however you like to light up.