What Are Grinder Cards?

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weed grinder cards
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Many cannabis users are most familiar with weed grinders and one can find them online, in smoke shops or even some convenience stores. There is another type of grinder, though, that should be considered a privilege to have and a token of your OG stoner status. Grinder cards are a manual solution to grinding weed, and have many perks to owning one and making your life easier. So what are grinder cards? Learn all you need to know about grinder cards and why you need one on you at all times!

What is a grinder card?

While most stoners only know about the regular grinder that is circular, it is also bulky and can be difficult to carry around. Normal weed grinders can be heavy and just an overall eye sore to have on deck. Grinder cards, on the other hand, are about the size of a credit card so it is slim and travel-friendly. 

How to use a grinder card

Instead of the normal twisting motion to grind weed, grinder cards are similar to cheese graters. Essentially, grinder cards shred buds of weed by shredding in a grating motion up and down. 

The best part about weed grinder cards is how versatile they are! Easily shred as much weed as you need, then feel free to use grinder cards for other stuff like gathering your weed to put in a joint, scraping screens for a little extra kief, and more. 

What are the benefits of using a grinder card?

There are many benefits of using a grinder card well beyond its convenience and travel-friendly functionality. Grinder cards come in all types of shredding consistencies depending on how finely shredded you prefer your weed to be, which is nice to have different types on hand. 

A major perk of using a weed grinder card is having the ability to take with you literally everywhere. Travel with a grinder card through the airport and get through with ease. Why? It is easy to clean and wipe clear of weed residue, fits discreetly into your wallet just like the rest of your cards and you’ll never have to buy a new weed supply setup whenever you’re in a new city! Just head over to the dispensary for some buds, whip out your grinder card and you are ready to roll.

Drawbacks of a grinder card

While the perks of a grinder card far outway the disadvantages, it must be mentioned because it does make a difference when considering how much weed someone wants to grind. Grinder cards are great for taking on the go and literally shredding bud anywhere, but it does not have a holding space for weed which might be a deal breaker for those that need the compartment space. 

Grinder cards also need some sort of layer to protect it from materials that are easy to snag, since there is no outer cover to shield its teeth when not in use. A pro tip is to always carry a weed grinder card holder so that you can easily slip in and out without worrying about your other less than durable belongings.

Grinder cards to buy

Here are a few weed grinder cards that you can add to cart quickly and instantly see what all the hype is about. Enjoy excellently made, medical-grade materials with sleek high-definition graphics as these are not your average grinder cards! Time to level up.

V Syndicate Cheshire Cat Nonstick Grinder Card

V Syndicate Cheshire Cat Nonstick Weed Card Grinder

The V Syndicate Cheshire Cat Nonstick Grinder Card is the real deal and had us at nonstick. 3.5 inches in height and a matching card holder to come with it, this looks like any type of holographic gift card and the average person would be extremely unsuspecting of what it is actually meant for. This Alice in Wonderland grinder card gives you your very own furry friend to keep you company and get high with, what more do you need? 

V Syndicate T=HC2 Einstein Black Hole Nonstick Grinder Cards

V Syndicate T=HC2 Einstein Black Hole Nonstick Grinder Cards

Get the sleek and sophisticated V Syndicate T=HC2 Einstein Black Hole Nonstick Grinder Card with our favorite guy to get high with! Einstein will take you on an adventure and it all starts with shredding some weed. With the same matching grinder card holder, you can easily see what you are shredding and slip right back into its case. Get mesmerized by the high-definition graphics and with a highly durable medical-grade material you can keep this bad boy for years to come! Take with you wherever you go and know you always have a friend in Einstein (well, this one at least..)

Are grinder cards any good?

Overall, grinder cards should be considered an essential item as it is the easiest way to make sure you are always prepped and ready to roll, literally. Weed grinder cards make it very easy and simple to shred some buds, line up with the other end of the card and prepare a joint. Anyone that has a grinder card is instantly the stoner of the hour, the remaining question is - do you want to hold that power? Check out the best grinder cards for sale and other $4.20 store steals while you’re at it for the ultimate stoner setup on a budget. 

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