CBD Dosage For Dogs

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The CBD industry has been growing exponentially with many types of products available from CBD oil to capsules and CBD cream for humans, however does CBD actually do anything for dogs? In humans, CBD is used for managing stress and treating a wide range of conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, epilepsy, insomnia, and PTSD. There are no published scientific studies that have researched the effects of CBD on dogs, but many pet owners claim that CBD works similarly on our furry friends.

Does CBD work for dogs?

Cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, making funding for any kind of research using the plant very hard to come by. While there are some studies that have looked into CBD and its effects on humans, there is no published research regarding our fur babies. Because of this, most veterinarians are reluctant to endorse and encourage CBD use on pets and dog owners who are looking to treat their pups using cannabis can only rely on the experiences of other pet owners. The good news is that there are many real life stories of pets who have been put on a CBD program and have seen drastic improvements in anxiety, mood, activity level, and overall well being.

As a pet owner, you know your pup the best. There are many reasons why pet owners experiment with giving CBD to their dogs. The most common use is for elderly canines who suffer from daily aches and pains or arthritis. If your pet is already taking medication for stress and anxiety, this can be another incentive to try and wean them off these strong medicines and slowly introduce naturally-occurring CBD into your pup’s routine. Other signs that you may want to try and give your dog CBD is if they suffer from nausea, digestion issues, seizures, chronic inflammation, or severe pain, such as from after a surgery.

CBD Dosage For Dogs

There are a few different consumption methods you can choose from if you decide to give your dog CBD. The easiest is in treat form, however there are also oral sprays, CBD topicals for external use, and flavored CBD oils that can easily be added to food. Topicals are best for targeted treatment such as if your pup has joint pain or arthritis, for any other ailments, oral consumption of CBD is normally best. Just like with humans, it’s important to always start out slow with small doses. Always speak with your dog’s veterinarian before beginning a CBD program for your fur baby, however keep in mind that many vets will not acknowledge CBD as a viable treatment option due to the reasons mentioned above.

Can you give your dog CBD oil everyday?

Yes! That is the only way to use CBD oil for dogs as a treatment for chronic issues. Keep a journal to record the date, time, doses given, and any visible changes in behavior that you notice. CBD dosage for dogs will depend upon many factors like the size and weight of your pup, tolerance, and the condition that is being treated. This is why keeping a diary is key to figuring out the dose that works best for your furry friend. Begin with a starting dose that corresponds to your canine’s weight of roughly 1 to 2 mg for every 10 pounds and adjust as needed. For chronic or severe pain, dogs will need a dose every 8 hours. Dogs with other conditions such as anxiety may see a difference with just one or two doses per day. Begin with one or two doses per day and increase to three doses if needed. If you don’t see a change, begin to increase each dose by 2 mg if your pup is under 50 lbs or by 5 mg if your dog is over 50 lbs. Monitor your pet for at least five days before increasing the dose again. It is not recommended to exceed a dose that is half of your pupper’s weight. For example, a 100 pound dog should not have more than 50 mg of CBD per dose.

Starting CBD Dosage For Dogs

  • Small dogs (10-30 lbs) - 2 to 3 mg of CBD per dose
  • Medium dogs (40-50 lbs) - 4 to 6 mg per dose
  • Large dogs (60-100 lbs) - 7 to 10 mg per dose
  • Very large dogs (100+ lbs) - 11 to 15 mg per dose

Keep in mind that all products have different potency levels. Be sure to read labels to know how much CBD is in an entire bottle of CBD oil and calculate how potent each drop will be. For treats, it is best to choose treats that contain the dose you want to give your pet since it can be difficult to break apart hard treats and calculate doses accurately.

How quickly does CBD work in dogs?

You will begin to see effects after approximately 30 to 45. CBD oil given directly to the mouth will begin working faster than CBD dog treats. If you don’t notice any visible change in your dog’s symptoms after an hour, note that in your log and increase the next dose.

Possible side effects of CBD oil for dogs

Overall, the World Health Organization considers CBD to be well tolerated and safe for humans and most pet owners believe the same is true for their pups. You should still monitor your canine companion closely during the first week or so of treatment and during the initial days immediately after increasing dosage. Though not deadly, there are a few negative side effects that your pup can experience. If you see any of the following, be sure to lower the dosage or stop using CBD completely. Consult a vet about these issues and call an animal hospital immediately if you notice any severe symptoms.

  • Extreme drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Lack of appetite

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