Water Soluble CBD

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water soluble CBD
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With so many CBD products available on the market these days, it is essential to know what types of CBD products are available to you and how to properly use them. Water soluble CBD is a type of cannabidiol that differs a bit from normal CBD but offers the same kinds of benefits and a great choice for those looking for a different way to add CBD to their routine. Learn more about water soluble CBD and if it is the best CBD option for you.

What is water soluble CBD?

Water soluble CBD refers to the form of CBD that activates when mixed with water. While traditional CBD oils like tinctures do not typically mix well with water, water soluble CBD products were specifically made to be added with some good ole H20. How does this happen? Water soluble CBD is made with nano emulsified CBD, which means it is made in the form of tiny particle sized CBD molecules that allow it to easily absorb into the bloodstream. 

Did you know that up to 96% of CBD gets flushed from the body without ever having an effect on the user, because our bodies are made up of 60% water? Nano CBD particles are more compatible with water than oil-based CBD and the process in which nano CBD particles are made is also a practice in pharmaceutical medicine. Basically, water soluble CBD has an increased absorption rate because it can react to the entire body more easily. So which type of CBD is best?

Is water soluble CBD better than CBD oil?

While one is not necessarily better than the other, it really comes down to preference and personal experience. While water soluble CBD products can be easily mixed with water and goes down a lot easier than some tinctures can, CBD oil is definitely stronger and more potent than most water soluble CBD products. Both are normally travel-friendly, so it really comes down to what works best for you. 

What are the benefits of water soluble CBD?

There are many benefits to using water soluble CBD, aside from the normal beneficial uses one gets from consuming cannabidiol. Water soluble CBD not only helps relieve stress, anxiety, and any chronic pain, but offers more benefits that can likely convince you to make the switch. 

  • Pre-measured packets or doses - Water soluble CBD normally comes in pre-measured packs, for example a powder drink mix. This makes it extremely easy to add just the right amount of water and know exactly how much CBD you’ll be ingesting.
  • Can be more cost effective -some research shows that the bioavailability in water soluble CBD might be more than typical CBD tinctures. More research needs to be done to be definite about this benefit but water soluble CBD is definitely a great way to consume CBD with minimal added ingredients.
  • How to use water soluble CBD

    As one of the easiest forms of CBD available, water soluble CBD is as simple as it gets where you literally just add water! Be sure to add in the correct amount to avoid over mixing, but water soluble CBD is pretty straight forward.

    Water soluble CBD can be added to warm or cold water or even added to smoothies, juices or other beverages. Feel free to get creative and experiment with doses so you can get that happy medium CBD buzz.

    Are there any side effects of water soluble CBD?

    Like any CBD product, there are always side effects when taking any CBD supplement and you should always consult your doctor or a medical professional before taking anything. Here are some side effects you should be aware of when consuming water soluble CBD:

  • Drowsiness and fatigue - Water soluble CBD might make you a bit tired. This is helpful for those that battle insomnia and trying to unwind and get to bedtime quicker.
  • Diarrhea - Self explanatory, but try to stay hydrated and keep up with meals so that you are not consuming water soluble CBD on an empty stomach. If you experience diarrhea or other digestion issues it is best to consult with your doctor and try different doses to overcome this.
  • Loss of appetite - Water soluble CBD can often reduce appetite, so if you experience the feeling of not being hungry, try to get ahead of this and eat prior to consuming water soluble CBD. You never want to take anything on an empty stomach!
  • Best water soluble CBD

    CBD in any form can be very beneficial to the human body, and water soluble CBD is an up and coming form of CBD that can be groundbreaking within the cannabis community with continuous research and testing. While CBD helps with anxiety, stress and insomnia, water soluble CBD offers an easy way to get your CBD fix by just adding water! Treat yourself to some of the best CBD products available.

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