10 Cool Bowls For Smoking

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cool smoking bowls
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One of the best parts about the stoner community is our creative skills constantly put to the test in creating innovative yet functional pieces that not only look great to smoke out of but will get you lifted and shifted higher than the ceiling. Are you wanting to spice up your stoner accessory collection but don’t want to go full out on a revamp? Introducing bong bowls is one of the most epic ways to freshen up your accessories without having to shovel out the funds to buy all new stuff. Here are 10 cool bowls for smoking that you can quickly add to cart and revive your bongs. 

Cool bowls for smoking for $4.20

Before you go and spend money unnecessarily, check out the $4.20 section that is popping with  cool bowls that will upgrade your bong real quick!

Fish Bowl - Male

fish bowl for bong

Are you wondering what you’re looking at? The Fish Bowl forces you to look closer and see how goofy this smoking bowl really is - the googly eyes will have you on the floor laughing a few bowls in. Made from heat resistant borosilicate glass, this male bowl comes in 14mm or 18mm joint size and has a frosted glass tube for that extra sleek look. With a carefully crafted fish tail, use to lift the bowl up and take massive bong rips.

Mouse Bowl - Male

mouse bowl for bong

Smoke some cheddar with the Mouse Bowl, a male bong bowl available in both 14mm or 18mm and will have you wondering how you ever survived without this cool bowl bong before this. Made with heat resistant glass, use the mouse ears as a grabbing handle and add to any water bong for an increased level of cuteness.

Face Bowl - Male

face bowl for bong

Once you get a hold of the Face Bowl you will have a whole new meaning for the term two-faced. A male bowl in 14mm or 18mm, get lit with this cool bowl for smoking. A full mood with fun glasses and its tongue sticking out, this bong bowl is made of heat resistant borosilicate glass so it is always cool to the touch. This bowl is transparent and easy for cleaning too!

Cool bowls for smoking under $20

If you have a bit more bread to spend, upgrade your bongs with cool bowls for smoking for less than $20 - you can use the leftover change to buy you a cheap lunch!

Leaf Bowl - Male

leaf bowl for bong

Get leaf-ted with the Leaf Bowl, a male glass bowl for your bud that is a stunning marijuana leaf design just waiting to add some magic to your bong collection. Made of borosilicate glass, this smoking bowl is made of a beautiful stoner green that adds sophistication in a simple way. Show off your love for smoking in the most obvious way with this cool bowl for smoking and pay tribute to the ganja gods every time you light up.

Pink Diamond Shaped Glass Bowl - Male

pink diamond bowl for bong

Shine bright like a diamond with the Pink Diamond Shaped Glass Bowl, a lavish-looking piece that will definitely spice up your bong collection with some prestige. If you love the color pink and expensive looking things without the expensive price tag, this bong bowl is definitely for you! This is a deeper bowl and with its elegant design plus sturdy build for easy pulling, this bong bowl is a no brainer. 

Beer Bowl - 2.75 inches

beer bowl for bong

Grab the Beer Bowl to get cross faded without having to actually sip on some sudz if you don’t want to. This cool bowl for smoking is a 14mm male bowl that has a handle for easy grip and dimpled glass for heat dissipation. Made of heat resistant glass, this is a deep bowl made for packing heavy hits.

Zig Zag Bowl - 14mm Male

 zig zag bowl

The Zig Zag Bowl is so unique, everyone will be asking to smoke out of this cool bong bowl! Give your glass a whole new look by adding in this unique bowl, a 14mm male joint that is a funnel-shaped bowl that adds extra cooling time. Easy to reach and pull once packed and ready for inhale, the Zig Zag Bowl is a curved neck smoking bowl that will absolutely impress you every time.

Cool bowls for smoking for under $100

If you’re not trying to mess around and really looking to upgrade your glass, check out these cool bowls for smoking for under $100. Don’t say you haven’t been warned, these bong bowls will knock your stoner socks off!

Empire Glassworks Glowing Unicorn Bowl - 14mm Male

Empire Glassworks Glowing Unicorn Bowl

The Empire Glassworks Glowing Unicorn Bowl will have you lit, literally. This 14mm male bowl is a carefully crafted piece with a horn that glows under UV light. Extremely lightweight and made of borosilicate glass, this piece is a two-inch smoking bowl slide that will add that elite level of sophistication and coolness to your glass collection.

Empire Glassworks Space Cruiser Bowl - 14mm Male

Empire Glassworks Space Cruiser Bowl

Blast off properly with the Empire Glassworks Space Cruiser Bowl, a 14mm male bowl that was hand blown and made of heat resistant borosilicate glass. Empire Glassworks does an incredible job of paying attention to details like the propellant that makes the rocket look like it is soaring through stoner space. You will be extremely lifted after a few hits from this that’s for sure!

Marine Animal Bowls by Easy G Glass

Marine Animal Bowls by Easy G Glass

Embrace your love for sea animals with the Marine Animal Bowls by Easy G Glass. A beautifully crafted collection of unique bong bowls made as a tribute to sea life, choose between aquatic creatures like the otter, seahorse, even a shark! Created by Kyle Geise @easy.g.glass, each piece is made to perfection and no details are skipped. Sea animals need love to and what better way to show that then a whole bowl tribute to the cute sea creatures. 

Bowl bongs for the best bong rips

No matter your budget, there is a cool bowl for smoking for every stoner out there. Everyone deserves to spice up their space every once in a while, and bong bowls are a simple and effective way to do so. Need more to choose from? Check out other bong bowl accessories to perfectly match any style.

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