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Uniti X1 Smart Home For Your Herb Review

August 06, 2021 3 min read

Uniti X1 smart home for herb

Have you ever found a little baggie of pot at the bottom of a backpack and wondered “does weed ever go bad?” Well, the answer is simple. Yes, marijuana can lose potency or even grow mold and go bad pretty quickly if not stored properly. If you smoke regularly, you’ll want to protect your stash and upgrade from a plastic baggie to a smart weed storage container.

How to store weed

Smoking material, especially rare strains, doesn’t come cheap. To get the most out of your dry herb, you’ll need an airtight stash jar or other type of weed storage container to keep your bud tasting fresh.

Humidity, temperature, light, and oxygen

Mold and mildew from improperly stored weed doesn’t just taste bad, it can also cause serious health problems. This is caused when the flower becomes too humid and can happen in two cases. The flower may be improperly dried and cause the humidity level within a stash jar to rise or you might just live in a very humid climate. Either way, you’ll need to keep the humidity level lower than 65% to reduce the change of mold and keep your bud tasting fresh longer. A combination of high humidity at temperatures over 70 degrees fahrenheit is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Overexposure to UV light or air will quickly degrade dry herb and it will lose terpenes and become less and less potent over time. This is why airtight and dark colored stash jars are recommended. If you want the best marijuana possible at all times, but don’t want to worry about balancing all of these elements, we have the perfect smart home for your herb, the new Uniti X1 weed storage system.

Uniti X1 smart lock

Uniti X1 review

The Uniti X1 smart home for your herb is an innovative weed storage system that focuses on safety and keeping your bud tasting its best. With a sleek design that complements every style of decor, the device is completely controlled via the Uniti app on your phone. The app will allow you to monitor the temperature and humidity levels of your dry herb as well as review your usage.


  • Lithium polymer battery
  • LED screen
  • Bluetooth app connectivity
  • Built-in scales to monitor usage
  • Patent pending anti-mold technology
  • Smart lock and motion sensor
  • Humidity and temperature monitor
  • Smell-proof design
  • Available in black, rose gold, or white

Smart lock

One of the highlights of the device is the smart lock feature, which can be opened or closed from your phone. No one will be able to get into your stash without your permission. The motion sensor feature will alert you if your pets, children, or nosy roommate tries to open the stash jar.

Anti-mold technology

Dry herb sold at legal dispensaries go through extensive testing to check for harmful mold and mildew and lots of pot is discarded every day. Even if legal pot passes these tests, it is still possible to develop mold if your marijuana is stored improperly. The Uniti X1 keeps your bud in ideal storage conditions, which is around 70 degrees fahrenheit with humidity levels between 30% and 50%, and closed air circulation. Two storage containers with funnel-shaped lids fit snugly within the device to allow the patent pending anti-mold technology to pass air over your bud. Once the top lid is sealed, the entire device is airtight and smell proof.

Usage monitoring

Are you interested to know more about your marijuana usage and experiences? The Uniti app tracks your information so you’ll be able to see personalized trends like the time, days, quantity, strains, and type of marijuana you have tried to understand your routines and what works best for you. You can also leave and view reviews on different cannabis strains to make informed decisions about the next strain to try based on your preferences. The built-in scales let you know how much you smoke on average and will predict and remind you when you’re close to needing a restock.

Is the Uniti X1 weed storage worth it?

We’ve already sold over 500 units of the Uniti X1 smart home for your herb! Take advantage of our limited pre-sale going on right now and get $60 off using code UNITI60. Your smart weed storage unit will ship out in November or December 2021.

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