Dope Metal Ashtrays For Herb

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When setting up the perfect smoke spot, everyone thinks of the main characters like the bongs or smoking pipes or which strain of weed that’s needed to get the vibes going. While these are very essential components for the perfect smoke session, one thing overlooked is the ashtray situation! Here are some dope metal ashtrays for herb that are more than necessary for the next smoke session with the besties. The best part is, most are under $20 and will last you through the test of time!

Dope metal ashtrays for herb

Picture this: several joints have been freshly rolled, the munchies have been prepared and all that’s left to do is spark up. In comes dope metal ashtrays for the win to really perfect the smoke setup into an all-around safe haven, and are so durable that you won’t have to get very many metal ashtrays as it will last you a good while. A great investment and an essential for the perfect smoke sesh? Sounds like the perfect smoking accessory for the perfect hangout. 

EF420 Round Metal Ashtray - 5 inches

EF420 round metal ashtray

What else is there to say about the EF420 Round Metal Ashtray besides the fact that it is absolutely the best bang for your buck when it comes to dope metal ashtrays for herb. Snag a few of these for $4.20 and scatter all around the house to claim your various smoke spots. Thisi super cheap and durable metal ashtray is extremely easy to clean and does a great job of keeping bud contained. The ganja leaves design totally sets the vibes right and that’s a major plus for stoners. 

V Syndicate 420 Rasta Round Metal Ashtray - 5 inches

V Syndicate 420 rasta round metal ashtray

Looking for an upgrade in 420 gear with a bit more spice? The V Syndicate 420 Rasta Round Metal Ashtray is perfect if you want to wave your stoner flag strong and let everyone know what time it is. With four notched holders, this dope metal ashtray for herb holds several joints and is easy to clean when finished - just wipe it down and you’re done! Another durable metal ashtray with a rasta leaf design to pay tribute to the Mary Jane gods for such beautiful gifts in the form of buds.

V Syndicate T=HC2 Einstein Solar Diesel Round Metal Ashtray - 5 inches

V Syndicate T=HC2 Einstein Solar Diesel Round Metal Ashtray

Ponder on a nug like the V Syndicate T=HC2 Einstein Solar Diesel Round Metal Ashtray, something you’ll be wanting to do after smoking a large joint and staring back at Einstein in deep thought. There’s something about this guy that makes you want to smoke a ton of weed and learn all about him, but either way you’ll be having a smoking time with this dope ashtray that is truly like none other. You might just get too high and think your entire ashtray is on fire, but don’t fret it is just the solar system!

V Syndicate High Voltage Round Metal Ashtray - 5 inches

V Syndicate High Voltage Round Metal Ashtray

Spark up some fun with the V Syndicate High Voltage Round Metal Ashtray, a Nikola Tesla inspired design that will have you craving for some purple dank to match the high voltage vibes. This mystical looking tray gives all the feels for history nerds that live the double life as a stoner too - the best of both worlds! This durable and extremely travel-friendly metal ashtray will have everyone wanting to stop by and start a conversation to see what this ashtray is all about.

Debowler Ashtray - 100mm

 debowler ashtray

One of the best ashtrays a stoner could get for themselves is the Debowler Ashtray. Let’s be real, this dope ashtray makes for great gifts and is very functional in terms of being everything a stoner needs. While much of this ashtray is made of plastic, this ashtray is made for clearing metal bowls that are often hard to clean otherwise. Debowler ashtrays are an excellent addition to the stoner collection because it will keep you nice and organized at all times. 

Best ashtrays for herb

The most dope metal ashtrays for herb are often out of this world and really ignites a fire in your mind when figuring out how to perfect a smoke setup. Every smoking accessory is important and contributes to a certain vibe for the smoke sesh, and an ashtray is no exception. Ashtrays are what keeps things organized and manages the mess, so why not make it dope and add one more main character to the smoke sesh. You can find more dope ashtrays for herb online but here’s a warning: you’ll be going down the rabbit hole, there’s too many good ones to choose from. Again, they make for great gifts!

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