Top Rolling Papers Brands

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best rolling papers brands
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For the novice joint rollers in the cannabis community it can often be confusing when choosing between rolling papers. There are so many to choose from it might seem like they are all the same but au contraire, not all rolling papers do the same thing or produce the same experience. The best advice a fellow stoner can give to another is to always buy rolling papers online - unless you are rolling on the fly and don’t have time to prep the supplies. However, don’t make it a habit of having to settle for gas station rolling papers or you’ll miss out on finding your perfect match. Here’s a list of the top rolling papers brands you should know about and why!

Top rolling papers brands

Bugler Rolling Papers

 bugler rolling papers

If you want to get nostalgic and think about what rolling papers your grandfather and great grandfather used, it was probably Bugler Rolling Papers. Coming to the states in 1932 from a Scandanavian company, Bugler rolling papers are made from a mix of flax and wood. They are known for their pre-gummed thickness and quality. With a 115-leaf count, one pack will take you a long way. Look forward to a smooth burn throughout with  one of the top rolling papers brands nationwide. 

Elements Hemp Rolling Papers

elements rolling papers

Elements Hemp Papers are for the stoners who prefer little to no ash, with a slow burn quality made of sugar gum to limit the line of ash. With a three pack of 100-count papers, split between you and the roomies to spread a little love. A major plus is that they are made of hemp which is great if you are trying to smoke less harmful materials but still like rolling up. It really does make a difference to roll with papers that are quality made specifically to enhance a smoke session. With these hemp rolling papers it is easy to smoke in all different climates and not worry about your joint burning too quick!

RAW Rolling Papers

raw rolling papers

Probably the most well-known out of the bunch, RAW Rolling Papers is another OG brand that will always hold a special place in a stoner’s heart. The world’s first vegan rolling papers to be created, the owner of the RAW brand actually developed Elements! RAW was made from a $1 million investment by the founder to create rolling papers that were made of natural, unbleached and unprocessed hemp fiber, turning it into a widely demanded product within the cannabis community. RAW has other products like RAW Cone Papers to really step up your rolling game and roll some fat and well-deserving joints. Smoke with a friend or all to yourself but you will be feeling the natural goodness either way!

High Hemp Organic Wraps

high hemp organic wraps

Are you more of a blunt kind of stoner? High Hemp Organic Wraps come in different flavors and deliver a nice and smooth smoking experience without traces of nicotine tobacco, or toxic additives. The world’s first organic herbal wrap company, it is a reminder to be mindful of what is being put into our bodies and that switching up rolling papers to healthier alternatives is an easy change to make. With flavored rolling papers like Lemonade or Honey Pot Swirl, can you imagine what your favorite strain of weed would taste like rolled up in this!? We guess something sweet and savory which makes for a memorable smoke sesh.

Juicy Jays Rolling Papers

juicy jays rolling papers

Developed by the founder of RAW rolling papers, Juicy Jays Rolling Papers is an absolute winner when wanting full-flavored tokes. Ranging from typical flavors like Strawberry or sweeten up the fun with Marshmallow and other crazy flavors that mix in with your weed. This is a quick way to add a little something extra without going overboard, and feel free to get creative - try Pineapple Diesel with Coconut flavor to make your own stoner pina colada!

Let's get rolling

There is no doubt that rolling papers make or break a smoke session. No one likes to deal with rolling papers that are too thin, stick together and are hard to roll, etc. These top rolling papers brands are reputable and tested, tried and true by your fellow stoners. If anyone has massive experience with this it is the cannabis community so trust us when we say the next time you buy a cheap glass bong make sure to grab yourself some rolling papers to stock up!

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