Best 420-Friendly Hotels Around the World

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While cannabis tourism isn’t as widespread as it may seem, it is quickly becoming a booming business and has grown to include much more than just the classic Amsterdam vacation. Many destinations and hotels are deciding to cater to pot smokers, however there are a few locations that have always put stoners first. These are just a few of our favorite 420-friendly hotels across the globe.

Best 420-Friendly Hotels Across the Globe

Then Bulldog Hotel, Amsterdam

A stay at the Bulldog Hotel in Amsterdam can be seen as a rite of passage for any stoner. While it is more of a hostel than a hotel, the 420-friendly accommodation offers a variety of options from a 12 person mixed dorm room to a private suite. The rooms are non-smoking, however you can light up on the terrace or in the downstairs lounge and bar. This iconic cannabis brand has an interesting history, that starts in 1975 with a converted sex shop in the red light district that would become Amsterdam’s first coffeeshop. Today, the brand includes the original coffeeshop, a franchise of hotels, and its own brand of bud, munchies, and merch under the same name and logo. As for the hotel, the atmosphere is eclectic with a mix of backpacking Europeans and eager foreigners looking to explore the city and discover why Amsterdam is considered the best marijuana travel destination in the world.

Eagle Creek Ranch, California

Run for the mountains, or more precisely, Eagle Creek Ranch in California. This rustic weed hotel is a relaxing outdoor escape where you can leave the troubles of the busy city behind (there’s no cell reception anyway) and truly experience nature at its finest. Located in the heart of California’s Trinity Alps, the region is truly a hidden gem with spectacular mountain views. Partake in a complimentary cannabis tasting, then hit the nearby hiking trails or sign up for horseback riding or yoga class. After the fun, be sure to return for happy hour and the popular rainbow sheep parade (it’s exactly what it sounds like) at 4:20pm each day.

Little Bay Cabins, Jamaica

This budget 420-friendly hotel has everything you’ll need for an exciting beach vacation and you won’t have to worry about unreasonable smoking policies because this small resort is completely cannabis friendly. There are just 12 rustic cottages located right on the shoreline so you can puff away and use the complimentary kayaks and snorkeling gear at your own private beach without a care in the world. Expect to have a truly immersive experience with no cell phone reception and spotty WiFi, however with the $50 per day all inclusive package where you can smoke as much as you want (or can), you probably won’t need internet anyway. Walk just 10 minutes and you’ll be at one of Bob Marley’s former beachfront residences. Light up a blunt in his grotto or imagine Bob sitting on the meditation rock at sunset.

THC Hostel, Uruguay

Want to meet a bunch of new friends who also love the green goddess? Book a stay at this affordable 420-friendly hotel with complimentary breakfast in La Barra, Uruguay. The country is leading the way by being the first in the world to legalize marijuana at the federal level, however the cannabis tourism industry is still in its infancy. At this backpacker’s hostel, you can light up and enjoy the garden area, listen to live music, or sightsee using one of the hostel’s free bikes. After making friends, head down to the beach or hit up one of the nearby nightclubs.

Coral Cove Wellness Retreat, Jamaica

If an upscale getaway is what you need, you won’t regret dishing out for the Coral Cove Wellness Retreat in Little Bay, Jamaica. The fungi and marijuana wellness retreat is the first of its kind and is designed with the classy stoner in mind. You can choose to spend your days toasting under the Jamaican sunshine at the private cove or pool, schedule a spa day, hike to a natural mineral spring, or book a personalized marijuana program to enjoy during your stay. The boutique beachfront 420-friendly hotel has its own greenhouse that grows a select variety of iconic and underrated cannabis strains. Each meal is cooked by the in-house chef using locally sourced ingredients for a true farm to table experience. Don’t be afraid to ask the head chef to add some ganja to your dish and turn it into a delicious edible.

420-Friendly Escape

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