Top Black Friday Cannabis Deals

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Top Black Friday Cannabis Deals
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While most people get excited about upgrading to the latest 75-inch TV or video game console during the biggest shopping day of the year, 420 enthusiasts are most hyped about Black Friday cannabis deals. The Friday after Thanksgiving is the perfect time to stock up on the essentials like rolling papers, dab torches, herb grinders, or a new bong at a fraction of the price. It’s also a great opportunity to try out new items for the first time without dropping too much cash on something that may not mesh with your smoking style. Give Delta THC gummies a go or test out that luxury vaporizer you’ve been hearing so much hype about. We’re spilling the tea on all the best EF420 cannabis Black Friday deals you don’t want to miss.

What is Green Wednesday?

You’ve heard of 4/20 and 7/10, but what about Green Wednesday? The newest stoner holiday to make it big is possibly even better than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined! With one in three U.S. adults now living in states where cannabis is legal, dispensaries are taking notice of some interesting trends. Cannabis sales seem to skyrocket right before big holidays like Thanksgiving, New Years, and Christmas. April 20th (4/20) is still the biggest day for cannabis sales, but Green Wednesday comes in a close second place. The name Green Wednesday refers to the day right before the four-day Thanksgiving weekend when college kids and parents hit the local dispensary to stock up before the big day of family and food. For many cannabis connoisseurs, this doesn’t come at a surprise. How else are you going to relax and get through 12 hours with the in-laws, a full day in the kitchen, and cleaning up the house before everyone arrives?

It’s believed that the term Green Wednesday was first used in 2016 by the California based cannabis delivery service, Eaze. Today, most dispensaries, delivery services, and smoking accessory brands have jumped on the trend with sales as deep as 50% to 75% off certain products. With insane discounts like these, brands have seen up to a 40% increase in sales on Green Wednesday and expect that number to grow as the new stoner holiday continues to gain popularity. The most sought after items purchased on Green Wednesday are those that can be consumed quickly and discreetly so no one gets suspicious when you step away from the dinner table. That means rechargeable and disposable vape pens, vape cartridges, pre-rolled joints, and edibles rank at the top of the list. For those that don’t live in a marijuana legal state, check out our Delta THC page for federally legal hemp derived cannabis products that will help you keep your cool all the way through the pumpkin pie.

What cannabis products sold the most in 2022?

What cannabis products sold the most in 2022?

Overall, cannabis sales increased in 2022 compared to the previous two years with sales to women up 55%. Despite the rising popularity of concentrates like oil, wax, budder, and shatter used for dabbing or vaping, flower still reigns supreme, though this varies widely from state to state. Pre-rolled joints have been trending more than ever thanks to their convenience when on the go. Edibles are also popular amongst cannabis consumers that want to save their lungs or microdose. When it comes to smoking accessories, essential items like herb grinders (especially the extra large size), rolling papers, and pre-rolled cones are always top sellers. This year, vaporizers, dab pens, and unique bongs are flying off the shelves as well.

What are the best Black Friday cannabis deals in the EF420 shop?

Here at the EF420 smoke shop, we have some of the best cannabis Black Friday deals around. Whether you prefer dry herb, concentrates, vaporizers, or hemp derived Delta THC, we’ve got smoking accessories for you!

The entire website will be 35% off, while those who shop through our app will receive an extra 5% off for a whopping 40% off their entire purchase! Black Friday cannabis deals like these just can’t be beat. That means you can finally get that one-of-a-kind heady glass bong you’ve been dreaming about. All orders are shipped straight to your doorstep in a plain box or mailer just in case someone else gets the mail before you do (your secret is safe with us). These are just a few of our top Black Friday cannabis deals you shouldn’t miss.

Hato Tower E-Rig Bubbler

The Hato Tower E-Rig Bubbler is a portable dab rig with a water bubbler built in for smoother, filtered dabs that go down like honey. This e-rig has a powerful 1500 mAh rechargeable battery and includes a ceramic dab tool, steel carb cap, and three cups (quartz, ceramic, and titanium), so you can customize the rig to what works best in terms of heating and flavor. Compatible with all cannabis concentrates, this portable dab rig has three voltage settings with temperatures ranging from 420 to 720 degrees Fahrenheit. Available in three colors, this reliable e-rig makes a great gift for any 710 enthusiast and will sell out fast!

Yo-yo Helix Percolator Bong

The unique look of the Yo-yo Helix Percolator Bong is sure to turn heads whenever it’s used. With a mix of transparent clear and brightly colored glass, this cool bong matches well with every aesthetic. The highlight of this water bong is the twisted helix percolator and recycler tubes that cool down the smoke for comfortable, icy rips. At 14 inches tall, this percolator bong can produce large hits, but is still a convenient size for passing around a group of friends. A matching cone-shaped 14mm bong bowl is included.

Noble Glass Spouted Flower Bong

Our Black Friday sale is the perfect place to get your hands on one-of-a-kind glassware like the handmade Noble Glass Spouted Flower Bong for an absolute steal. Designed and blown in the U.S.A. by artists at Noble Glass, this unique bong looks more like an art piece than a smoking device. The colors used are mixed by hand and each leaf and petal is individually sculpted to perfection. This heady glass bong features a glass on glass diffused downstem and an original bong bowl with a sculpted leaf handle. The Spouted Flower Bong is one you’ll want to show off!

Vessel Cartridge Battery Vape

Stoners that are up-to-date with the latest technology will love the sleek look of the Vessel Cartridge Battery Vape. This vape pen is compatible with nearly all 510 vape carts and produces massive plumes thanks to the rechargeable 300mAh lithium ion battery. The luxury, minimal design makes the vaporizer look more like an Apple product than a smoking device and is ultra portable and lightweight. Vessel vapes have four pre-set temperature settings and a magnetic USB-C charging cable.

Chill Ceramic Lined Steel Bong

If you’re looking for a unique bong that’s travel-friendly and functions like a dream, add the Chill Ceramic Lined Steel Bong to your shopping cart. This water bong is steel on the outside and lined on the inside with a ceramic coating for ultimate insulation and flavor. This durable water bong unscrews into two pieces for easier transport, storage, and cleaning. The cool metallic look is complemented with a metal downstem and matching glass bong bowl.

Tommy Gun Beaker Bong

You don’t have to be in the mafia to have fun taking rips from the Tommy Gun Beaker Bong, but it is a requirement to reenact a scene from Scarface or The Godfather as soon as you open up the box. This fun bong is a whopping 19 inches tall and features a beaker base for large, direct hits, a fixed downstem, and an inline perc for filtration. The entire water bong is crafted with a mix of opaque jade and transparent colorless borosilicate glass that draws all the attention in a room.

Banana Split Perc Bong

Just like in Mario Kart, watch out for those sneaky bananas trying to throw you off your game! The Banana Split Perc Bong features two realistic peeled bananas, one that serves as the mouthpiece and another that’s a percolator. This dual-use bong can be used with dry herb or concentrates if the included bong bowl is swapped out with a banger. The eye-catching unique design will make everyone go bananas at your next smoke session and also makes a cool gift.

TMNT Matrix Perc Bong

One hit from the TMNT Matrix Perc Bong and you’ll be ordering pizza and yelling cowaBONGa dudes! This character bong comes with a matching bowl that can be swapped out for a banger when dabbing concentrates. With a gorgeous mix of green and colorless glass, this bong’s hits are just as good as its looks. Each hit is filtered and aerated through the central tree percolator, while the angled neck ensures bong water never gets inhaled. Any smoker who’s a fan of the TMNT comics or TV series will love this fun character bong.

Twisted Rainbow Straight Tube Bong

Are you tired of over-the-top bongs that you have to hide when friends or family come over? The Twisted Rainbow Straight Tube Bong has a slim, classy look that screams luxury. It also meshes right into most home decor styles with its twisted look and trendy amber colored glass. Straight tube bongs, also called straight shooters, are known for their ultra direct hits with no drag or resistance. This water bong also has a thick mouthpiece, three-pinch ice catcher, and a removable diffused downstem. The simple design also makes it easy to pass from one person to another.

Check out the rest of our Black Friday cannabis deals on the EF420 app for the biggest discounts!

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